East Kalimantan

Luxury Mansion at the Heart of City of Balikpapan

A luxurious emerald in the heart of Balikpapan, the Luxurious Mansion located at Jalan Jenderal Sudirman, Borneo Bay Resident, Martadipura Mansion, 76113 East Kalimantan, Indonesia, Asia represents a pinnacle of grandeur and elegance. This mansion is an exquisite paradigm of intricate design and intricate architecture that symbolize the essence of affluence, tastefully blending traditional aesthetics and modern comforts.
The mansion space sprawls impressively, adorned by meticulously detailed architecture and possession of luxurious features. A tour inside reveals luxurious halls, opulent living spaces, and bedrooms, each crafted to the highest quality, fine materials, and inspired design. Natural light floods each room, revealing the gleaming marble floors, intricate millwork, and lavish furnishings. All these elements amalgamate to imbue the mansion with a warm and inviting atmosphere despite its imposing size.
An outstanding advantage of the mansion's location is its proximity to popular landmarks of the city of Balikapapan. A mere 320 meters from the mansion lays the Kemala Beach. Often bathed in glorious sunset hues, Kemala Beach is one of the city’s most popular destinations, presenting a picturesque scenario to enjoy at any instance. Melawai Beach, known for its fine white sands and warm, clear waters, rests just 1.5 kilometers away, offering both tranquillity and recreational pleasures.
In the heart of the commercial hub of the city, the Balikpapan Plaza situated just 1.6 kilometers from the mansion, presents a perfect spot for shopping, gastronomic indulgences, and recreational activities. 
This proximity allows for easy access to a myriad of facilities combined with the exclusivity of an affluent residential space.
Fringed by the verdant Mangrove Forest of Margomulyo, 6.4 kilometers away, the mansion enjoins residents to immerse in the beauty of nature. For shopaholics, the 7.8 kilometers distance to Transmart Carrefour hosts a vast arrangement of stalls and stores suiting all needs and wants. Also, the Mangrove Center Graha Indah, 9.9 kilometers away, provides educational and ecological pursuits for the environmentally attuned residents.
Further afield but within leisurely reach is the Manggar Segarasari Beach, just 18.4 kilometers away, perfect for spending quiet moments and Lamaru Beach, 19.6 kilometers from the mansion, boasting stretches of golden sand and azure waters. Finally, the surreal and peaceful Batu Dinding, located 28.9 kilometers away, provides a serene setting for relaxation and rejuvenation.
In conclusion, the luxurious mansion at the heart of Balikpapan offers nothing short of a royal experience. By combining the highest standards of architectural splendor with an enviable location near key city landmarks, it promises a unique blend of luxury, comfort, distinction, and convenience. As such, this mansion serves as an embodiment of a superlative lifestyle within the heart of Balikpapan. Whether seeking endless entertainment options, tranquil nature escapes or retail therapy, the mansion’s proximity to all these amenities and landmarks assures an unrivaled experience for its residents.
Star rating 5
Address Jalan Jenderal Sudirman, Borneo Bay Resident, Martadipura Mansion, Balikpapan 76113 East Kalimantan Indonesia Asia
Rate Average 10 USD
Near Popular landmarks
Kemala Beach 320 m
Melawai Beach 1.5 km
Balikpapan Plaza 1.6 km
Margomulyo Mangrove Forest 6.4 km
Transmart Carrefour 7.8 km
Mangrove Center Graha Indah 9.9 km
Manggar Segarasari Beach 18.4 km
Lamaru Beach 19.6 km
Batu Dinding 28.9 km

Grand Sudirman Apartement (Chic and full furnished)
Star rating 5
Address 86 Jalan Jenderal Sudirman Balikpapan 76114 East Kalimantan Indonesia Asia
Rate Average 8 USD
Strategically situated in Balikpapan City Center, allowing you access and proximity to local attractions and sights. Don't leave before paying a visit to the famous Balikpapan Plaza. Rated with 4 stars, this high-quality property provides guests with access to fitness center and outdoor pool on-site.