Novotel Manado Golf Resort & Convention Center

Novotel Manado Golf Resort & Convention Center is much more than just a place to stay; it offers a plethora of amenities that cater to tourists seeking leisure and professionals attending business meetings alike. One of its exceptional services includes the unique Wedding Chape and the grandiose Grand Kawanua Convention Center, both of which provide an impeccable venue for events and create an unforgettable experience.
To begin with, the Wedding Chape, located within the expanse of the Novotel estate, is atop a hill, offering an expansive and magnificent view of the scenic surroundings. This vantage point not only provides a picturesque backdrop for wedding ceremonies but also brings a serene and tranquil atmosphere for the bride, groom, and guests. The chape embodies a minimalist aesthetic, allowing nature's beauty to be the primary focus. The simplified design effectively uses separate elements of architecture, allowing the proceedings inside the chape to be visible to onlookers from the outside.
Additionally, the Wedding Chape comes with a comprehensive package that ensures the couple and their attendees are well-catered for. One could derive a fairy tale-like vibe from the elegance and charm that the place exudes. The package includes decoration, catering for a coffee break, an inhouse sound system complete with a CD player to keep the guests entertained during the ceremony. Topping it all is the provision of a pristine bridal suite at Novotel, guaranteeing that the couple savors every bit of their big day.
Shifting focus to the Grand Kawanua Convention Center, it is a massive ballroom with a lavish total area of 2,226 square meters. With a capacity to accommodate up to 3,000 guests, it proves to be a versatile space suitable for hosting everything from corporate events to grand social gatherings. Whether it's a roundtable business meeting or a wedding reception, the scale of this convention center enables hosts to customize the space according to their event's specific requirements.
One of the salient features that sets the Grand Kawanua Convention Center apart is its luxurious Crystal chandeliers. These beautiful fixtures add an air of opulence and grace, creating a warm and welcoming atmosphere. Coupled with modern and updated facilities, the convention center offers an amalgamation of traditional grandeur and state-of-the-art conveniences. The large parking area and 24-hour security system reassure guests of their safety and accessibility.
In conclusion, Novotel Manado Golf Resort & Convention Center stands out as a perfect venue for hosting events given its array of facilities and dedication to providing top-tier service. The Wedding Chape's simplified elegance coupled with its all-inclusive package propounds an exceptional venue for those looking to tie the knot amidst breathtaking views. Simultaneously, the scale and luxury of the Grand Kawanua Convention Center make it an apt choice for large-scale events. This resort's attention to detail, absolute commitment to customer satisfaction, and spectacular settings make it a leading choice for memorable occasions.
Address Jalan A.A Maramis Kayuwatu Kairagi II North Sulawesi, Samratulangi Airport, Manado, Indonesia, 95254
The Wedding Chape, which is located on a hill (still in the Novotel area) carries a minimalist concept, an open view with stunning views, married like in this fairy tale country. Only one payment includes decoration, coffee break, inhouse sound system with CD player during caremony, one bridal suite at Novotel, and many others.

Grand Kawanua Convention Center, a ballroom with a total area of 2,226 square meters that can accommodate up to 3,000 guests equipped with modern and updated facilities with luxurious Crystal chandeliers, a large parking area, and 24-hour security.