Experience Enchantment at the Hotel Hilton Paris Opera

The Hotel Hilton Paris Opera - a symbol of elegance and luxury. Discover a captivating setting for extraordinary events and create unforgettable moments.
Experience the Magic at the Hotel Hilton Paris Opera
Situated in the charming district of the Opéra Garnier, in the heart of the city of lights, the Hotel Hilton Paris Opera stands in all its grandeur. A beacon of luxury and elegance, this illustrious hotel is not just a place to stay, but an escape into an enchanted world.
An Exceptional Setting for Your Big Day
Are you searching for a fairy-tale-like setting for your wedding reception? Have you dreamed of saying 'I do' in a prestigious, regal environment? The journey of your dreams begins at the Hotel Hilton Paris Opera. This exceptional location steeped in history and opulence is a dream come true for any couple. Imagine hosting your wedding banquet in a room with chandeliers designed by the famous Baccarat, capable of accommodating up to 180 guests. The experience is simply enchanting, wouldn't you agree?
The Salon Baccarat: A Wonderland for Events
Enter the Salon Baccarat, a stunning space of 180 m², echoing elegance and luxury. The room, boasting some of the finest chandeliers from the renowned crystal manufacturer, Baccarat, transforms any event into a top-notch experience. It's here where dreams take flight, and you introduce your guests to unparalleled sophistication.
The Intimacy of Salon Bolero
Moving on, the Salon Bolero, a snug area of 98 m², is a perfect setting for a celebratory toast in an intimate atmosphere. It induces charm, intimacy, and warm conversations all under one roof.
The Grand Salon: A Chic Cocktail Reception
Now, let's step into the heart of the establishment - the Grand Salon. A remarkable space, serving as a perfect backdrop for a chic cocktail reception. Hosting up to 200 people, the Grand Salon is where you can admire monumental wall paintings, breathtaking colonnades, and age-old balustrades. The experience culminates in an impressive cocktail reception, one that stays etched forever.
Hotel Hilton Paris Opera: A Trustworthy Expertise
So there you have it, folks! The Hotel Hilton Paris Opera, a blending of history, luxury, and extraordinary experiences. It's not simply a hotel, but a world designed with care, expertise, and an unwavering commitment to excellence. Choose the Hotel Hilton Paris Opera and let your events be a testament to your refined taste.
Crafting unforgettable experiences and vibrant memories is an art, and the Hotel Hilton Paris Opera has mastered it. Isn't it time you indulge in the best for your monumental events? We believe you deserve it. After all, with Hotel Hilton Paris Opera, you are not just choosing a venue, but a lasting legacy of grandeur and excellence.
Hotel Hilton Paris Opera
108 Rue Saint Lazare, 8th - Champs Elysees, Paris, France, 75008
The Hilton Paris Opéra, a luxury 4-star hotel, is a symbol of elegance and refinement at the heart of Paris. Inaugurated in 1889 under the name Grand Hôtel Terminus, it was built to welcome British travellers arriving by train at the Gare St-Lazare to visit the Universal Exposition.

Situated in the district of the Opéra Garnier and the big department stores, the Hilton Paris Opéra offers you an exceptional setting for your wedding reception.

The Salon Baccarat has a surface area of 180 m² and is a magical place to hold a top-class event. This magnificent room, hosting up to 180 people, under chandeliers designed by the famous crystal manufacturer of the same name, will be the perfect setting for your wedding banquet. The Salon Bolero (98 m²) is also an ideal setting for a celebratory toast in an intimate atmosphere.

Finally, the Grand Salon, at the heart of this establishment - a listed monument, lends itself perfectly to a chic cocktail reception for up to 200 people, who will enjoy admiring the wall paintings, colonnades, and balustrade of the period.